Planning My Daughter’s Wedding

Derby WeddingPlanning a wedding is typically quite stressful for both participating parties, yet it is unavoidable that one side does more work than the other. I am unsure of why this happens but it just does. While conducting research into Derby UK hotels that would be willing to hold a reception for my daughter’s wedding, I was confronted with a long list of willing establishments. All of them looked quite promising, as they were more than willing to accommodate all of our guests, even employing extra staff to help out with the event. I can not say how helpful it was knowing that I had an entire hotel staff team behind me on this effort, but I still had to make a decision as to which particular hotel to go with.

While I was looking into perspective hotels, the mother of the groom was taking care of all the food preparations; I know how difficult this can be, so I am very thankful that she stepped up to the plate on this one. Trying to work as a team on this effort proved to be more exhausting than anything, as we were constantly bouncing ideas off of each other, looking for reassurance that everything was going to run as smoothly as possible. During the process, we briefly discussed the idea of employing a wedding planner to handle as much of the work as possible, but we felt that this would not produce a personalized event; looking back on this idea, we should have employed such an expert.

With only a few weeks to the wedding, I felt it was necessary to pick between the hotels in Derby in order to ensure that all of the guests would have accommodation. Therefore, I made a list of possible candidates and put them all into a hat; I know that this may not have been the best approach, but it worked in my favour at the time. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith. The hotel that we stayed at was more than perfect, but I did not anyone know how I decided on it.


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